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AKC Ch. Sammantic Quick
VDH/DCNH-S 02870/12

Whelped: 22.11.2012

Coat colour: white
HD-Rating: B1
DNA tested: ja / yes

Withers: 53 cm
Body length: 61 cm
Body depth: 23 cm
Chest measurement: 70 cm
Breeder: Barbara Bruns und Wolfgang Stamp
Owner: Barbara Bruns und Wolfgang Stamp

Pedigree: (Please click on images for further information)
Parents Grandparents Great-Grandparents Great-Great-Grandparents
AKC Ch. Pebbles´ Run Hammy Davis Jr.
AKC WS13552503

HD-Rating: good 
Snowsong´s Major Investment
AKC WR01266801 
USA-Champion Rexann's Vintage Stock
AKC WP812814/01 2-99 OFA24G OFEL24 CERF42
USA-Champion Rexann's Musicmaster
AKC WP379267/01 3-94 OFA100E OFEL24 
USA-Champion Rexann's Dancing Noel
AKC WP527478/02 9-96 OFA24G CERF85 
Ch. Charisma´s Moondust of Vostok
AKC WP81430301 
Ch. White Magic´s Right on Q
AKC WP53823701 
Ch. Charisma´s Crescent Moon
AKC WP38569401 
Pebble´s Run the great Gazoo
AKC WP97787901
Ch. Moonsong Quintsns O´Whytewynd
AKC WP823238/06 
Ch. Whytewynd´s King of Currumpaw
AKC WP57543301 
Ch. Magic Mist´s Crescent Moon
AKC WP503082/07 
Ch. Barbicon´s Pebbles
AKC WP76311805 
Barbicon´s Cody Boy
AKC WP56482803 
Barbicon´s Seducktress
AKC WP36474402 
BISS/BIS AKC Ch. Polar Mist X-Tasy
VDH/DCNH-S 02162/05

Coat colour: white
HD-Rating: A1 
Ch. Vanderbilt's Warpaint
WR06033301 (07-03) OFA29G WH & BSCT (CAN)
Ch. Wanderbilt's True Lee
WP95455801 (06-05) OFA33E WH & BSCT (CAN) AKC  
Vanderbilt's Breakin' Trail
CKC BN114937 WH (CAN) 
CH. Wolf Rivers's Vanderbilt Mesa
WP58020208 OFA32G WH 
Vanderbilt's Live it UP
WP95455501 WH (CAN) 
Ch. Vanderbilt's Secretariat
WP36861001 (11-92) OFA27G WH (CAN) 
Mystical Marla of Vanderbilt
WP54917005 OFA25G WH 
Ch. Polar Mist Nauti lil Goldig'R
WP97971701 (04-03) CERF52 WH BLK PTS 
Ch. Oakbrooks Strike it Rich
WP82782205 (05-00) OFA24G OFEL24 WH BLK PTS AKC DN 
Ch. Oakbrook's Panning for Gold na Nap NJP
WP58632610 (05-97) WH AKC 
Ch. Sassillie's Mauka Carousel
WP55256804 (03-98) WH AKC 
Ch. Polar Mist Nauti Girl
WP61332407 (10-97) OFA34G CERF115 WH 
Ch. Winterforst's Gyrfalcon
WP32390011 (12-92) OFA25G WH 
Ch. Polar Mist Champagne on Ice
WP34814206 (06-95) OFA35G WH BLK PTS 
Breeding permission: yes
Croatian Champion
BIS Lahn-Dill Show 2016
Grand Champion
AKC Champion
German Youth Champion (VDH)

Show results:
Date Event Name Judge Class Placement
31.07.2016 CACIB Split Offene R. Khomasuridze BOB - BOG 2
30.07.2016 CAC Split Offene R. Vuorinen BOB - BOG 3
29.07.2016 CAC Split Offene S. Sinko BOB - BOG 1
16.05.2016 Nat. Ausst. Saarbrücken Offene C. Rossier BOB - BIS
16.05.2016 Nat. Ausst. Saarbrücken Offene M. Melchior V 1 - CAC - VDH - BOB
15.05.2016 Int. Ausst. Saarbrücken Offene R. Wagner BOB- BOG 2
15.05.2016 Int. Ausst. Saarbrücken Offene R. Wagner V 1- CAC - CACIB - BOB
24.04.2016 Lahn-Dill Show Offene G. Richard V 1 - CAC - BOB - BIS
16.11.2014 Philadelphia KC Open J. Moses Select
14.11.2014 Greater Philadelphia KC Open E. Bivin Select
13.11.2014 Penn Treaty KC Open D. Osborn Select
09.11.2014 Mispillon KC Open R. Menaker Select
08.11.2014 Talbot KC Open K. Ashe Select
26.10.2014 Riverhaed KC Open R. Menaker Select
13.10.2014 Ranaspso II KC Open Rayner Select
11.10.2014 Palisades KC Open Di Nardo Select
30.09.2014 Newton KC Open Dr. R.I. Spritzer BOB
29.09.2014 Newton KC Open S.C. Way BOB
22.06.2014 Mid-Hudson KC, Inc. Open P.A. Gaeta Winner - Best of Winners
21.06.2014 Mid-Hudson KC, Inc. Open M.J. Wood Reserve
20.06.2014 Shawangunk KC, Inc. Open D. Thornton Winner - Best of Winner
19.06.2014 Wallkill KC, Inc. Open F.G. Ferris Reserve
18.05.2014 Long Island KC Puppy S.D. Limoges Winner
17.05.2014 Ladies' Kennel Association of America Puppy N.-L. H. Coombs
27.04.2014 CACIB Lingen Dr. Peper BOB BOG 3
27.04.2014 CACIB Lingen H. Assenmacher-Feyel Zwischen V 1 - VDH - CAC - CACIB - BOB
12.04.2014 CACIB Chemnitz M. Zidar BOB BOG 2
12.04.2014 CACIB Chemnitz M. Zidar Zwischen V 1 - VDH - CAC- -CACIB - BOB
30.03.2014 CACIB Berlin P. Machetanz Zwischen V 2 - res. VDH
29.03.2014 CAC Berlin L. Reinelt-Gebauer Zwischen V 2 - res. VDH
15.03.2014 CACIB Offenburg F. Dickmann Zwischen V 1 - VDH
07.12.2013 CAC Kassel G.Kastl Jugend V2 - CACJ VDH
10.11.2013 CAC Karlsruhe W. Schicker Junior V 1 - junior VDH - CACJ - junior winner Karlsruhe
09.11.2013 CACIB Karlsruhe H. Grüttner Junior V 1 - junior VDH - CACJ - junior winner Baden-Württemberg
12.10.2013 CACIB Dortmund Dr. Vantu Junior EXC 1 - junior VDH - res. junior CAC
11.10.2013 Bundessieger Dortmund H. Assenmacher-Feyel Junior EXC 1 - junior VDH - junior CAC - Bundesjugendsieger
02.06.2013 CACIB Nitra B. Hasselgren BOB Puppy / male Puppy BIS 3
02.06.2013 CACIB Nitra G. Weron Puppy VP 1
01.06.2013 CACIB NItra V. Piskay Puppy VP 1
31.05.2013 CAC Senec L. Sládeková BOB Puppy / male res. Puppy BIS
31.05.2013 CAC Senec J. Matyás Puppy VP 1